Open the door to your digital future

BlueStream can help you design and build a solid foundation for your business to grow. We will guide you to develop and execute a clear, strategic IT roadmap with priorities that reflect your business goals. How? By understanding your organization’s current situation and the objectives you want to achieve. Applying the recommended timeframe, sequence, and estimated cost of the changes or improvements you need, we undertake the required steps to get you there, fast and safe. 

Using all the modern tools to collect data that provide the right recommendations for digital transformation, cloud migration or process improvement, BlueStream can help you evolve and stay relevant with a proven methodology for strategic IT planning.


Re-imagine your investment

We offer you a wide range of assessments, each providing a variety of insights, engagement opportunities, and alignment to post-assessment programs. In all cases, an analysis of gathered data is generated, typically as a comprehensive Report & an Executive Summary presentation. This process takes about 2 to 6 weeks. The Assessments available are:

• Existing IT Environment Assessment

• Gap Analysis

• IT/Cloud Infrastructure Migration Assessment

• Technology Roadmap and Recommendations

• Modern Workplace

• IT/Cloud Cost Optimization

• IT/Cloud Security Assessment

• Application Modernization Assessment

• Data Modernization Assessment

• SAP Migration Assessment

• On Premise to Cloud Migration Assessment

• Holistic Business Case


Maximize your performance

BlueStream Solutions offers a cost-effective methodology that enables you to achieve compliance and access to the latest capabilities, through software portfolio transformation and optimization. We are here to help you leverage technology and maximize workflows to drive performance whenever you need it.

Our Infrastructure Consulting Team will take you through your cloud transformation and your private cloud optimization while helping you manage your systems, data and applications estate. They will advise you about designing, formulating, and executing IT strategies and guide you in planning, implementation, & system testing. The immediate access to our IT support consultants will also help you maximize performance and reduce downtime.

Business Strategy

Doing more with less

The need to digitally transform and apply recent technologies and advancements serves one purpose: to grow and gain precedence in a competitive business environment. To accomplish this, you must adopt an agile IT strategy.

In BlueStream we work with you in planning, streamlining and implementing an effective IT strategy and aligning it with your organization's business objectives. We make sure all elements of IT technology are properly in place and well-orchestrated to provide a measured return on your investment.

On top of helping you meet your business goals through an effective IT strategic plan, we also support your internal resources by delivering specialist expertise wherever the in-house skill set requires extra support and guidance.

Architecture Design

The foundations of your success model

Our team of Enterprise Architects can help your organization through a wide range of services:

Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Planning: We optimize your capabilities by re-designing the foundations of your enterprise architecture to drive success for key business and technology strategies.

Enterprise Architecture Implementation: We design, manage and maintain all your technology architecture models to reflect and serve your business goals.

Technical Architect as a Service: We help you reduce the costs of maintaining full-time architecture resources. Our experts work as your extended team across multiple disciplines, including cloud, identity and access management, Database servers, active directory, LDAP exchange, IBM systems and many others.

Risk Identification and Management: Our team analyzes and identifies long & short-term risks that may affect business or technical operations in the future while we ensure that your software runs seamlessly.

Capacity Planning

Optimizing growth

BlueStream Capacity Planning services provide an in-depth understanding of capacity & demand to secure your IT infrastructure by supporting your business through peak usage while applying cost and performance optimization. We will support you to:

• proactively identify & reduce service incidents.

• respond to unpredicted peaks in service usage or traffic

• minimize time required for procuring additional capacity

• be ready to receive unexpected growth

• survive during major business transformation periods

• measure & reduce underutilized resources

• make on-time & accurate decisions when investing

Cost Management

Foreseeing expences

Technology Costs could grow exponentially, when dealing with heterogeneous or unmapped resources. Therefore, a cost strategy is critical. Our teams can help you define your future spent, initially by supporting your organization to create a Cost Strategy based on its specific needs and expectations. Then by setting up the appropriate IT Environment and establishing a governance model for total visibility and accountability of the organization’s spent.

IT Cost Budgeting: Understanding and managing your current IT spending is a basic goal. What about strategically reducing or avoiding costs before they appear? BlueStream Solutions can proactively work with your company’s team to forecast costs before they happen.

FinOps: IT Cost Management is not just a one-time setup and a collection of financial reports. It is a company’s culture that is required to be promoted within the organization from the top down. Our team can work with your company to establish this cost control culture, or we can become your extended cloud cost control team!

ROI Analysis

Is it worth it

One of the most significant parts of any IT project is the proactive planning and Return on Investment (ROI). BlueStream Solutions will help you calculate a reliable ROI for the project and set realistic goals and expectations of the specific results the relevant software solution will generate.

Our team will assess your businesses requirements, and will help you define the project’s investment value & business importance and determine whether:

• your existing infrastructure is sufficient to support the development of the project.

• the expertise exist in your organization, or external support will be needed.

• there is possibility to identify and execute other projects with higher potential value to your organization

• you can group related projects into a single portfolio and take advantage of a shared benefit.