Curating your unique experience

BlueStream can offer you customized and comprehensive services & support in an all-inclusive model. Covering a wide range of services, from consulting, development, implementation to maintenance, analysis, modernization, automation, integration, and project management, we can tailor any IT services to address your specific requirements and needs.  

This will allow you to take better care and improve your day-to-day business operations. By saving time from IT tasks like monitoring your system configuration, upgrading software, and learning best practices, you will be able to focus both on your IT strategy and your human resource investment.

BlueStream can provide you flexible, high-quality professional services that will help you be more successful and a team of experts that will reduce your workload and train your internal teams to deliver better.

Database Administration

Making your investment perform better

You have made a significant investment in your database environment, and it's a critical part of your business operations. BlueStream can provide you the best-in-class onsite and remote Database Administration Services (DBA) for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and open-source technologies. Our certified engineers manage the most complex database architecture and the DBA services they offer will meet your current and future needs:

Live Monitoring: Automated alerts on core performance metrics and workloads enable us to fix any issues before they affect your customer

Ongoing Maintenance: Your databases will be optimized to maintain performance, availability, and business continuity.   

Database Security Best Practices: Deploy the best of breed security measures, procedures, and tools to secure your database environment. 

Query Tuning: We will ensure that your database environment is optimized to meet the needs of your business by running extensive and critical queries

Capacity Planning: Whether on-premises or in the cloud, we will monitor usage, ensuring you have sufficient resources to meet peak demand, both now and in the future.

Professional Services

Understanding your industry and respecting your company culture

New platforms and products constantly emerge throughout IT and this affects dramatically the way teams manage their resources to remain competitve but also sustainable. 

Your digital business transformation does not need to be complicated. BlueStream Professional Services come with a team of IT consultants that can help you overcome specific challenges, simplify your journey to the next level and implement proven strategies. We deliver the best-fit solutions to address specific issues that you wish to resolve always with respect to your industry's needs and your company culture. Our Professional Services Portfolio covers:

  • Multi cloud services 
  • Network Services 
  • Cybersecurity Services 
  • Modern Workplace Services 
  • Platform Consulting Services 
  • Data Center Consulting Services 
  • Storage Services 



  • Provide Organizations Ability to Leverage New Technologies 
  • Reduce Timeline for Deployments to Critical Environments 
  • Relieve IT Teams of Project Management


Now is the time to plan your SAP transition to the cloud

As mainstream support for the SAP ECC platform will end in 2027 and all core SAP products will be re-optimized for the SAP HANA database, now is the time to plan your SAP platform's move to the cloud. This is an opportunity to turn your platform into an agile and adaptable ERP system, reduce complexity, increase productivity and elasticity, and support your business's long-term success.

The migration of your SAP environment to the Cloud will help you avoid the lack of in-house technical skills, the absence of elasticity in your on-prem infrastructure, the rise in maintenance costs, any new requirements and processes and the mismanagement of an increasing amount of data.

BlueStream is your trusted SAP Cloud Partner. We work with the biggest public cloud providers worldwide and we can help you visualize your IT roadmap and achieve your business objectives. Through our Managed Services, we focus on providing business value that simplifies the management and operation of your hybrid IT. Take this opportunity and realize the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of Cloud. Run your mission-critical SAP workloads and scenarios on a scalable, compliant, and enterprise-proven platform.

Data Management Services

The gatekeeper to the intelligence you built daily

As your company grows, so do your company’s data and it becomes essential to develop a data management strategy that goes beyond the basic ‘always-on’ approach. BlueStream’s Database services cover the whole range, from managing infrastructure and data to cybersecurity. And as technology changes, we have the dedicated resources to provide you with ongoing support for your network, security, applications and infrastructure.

We will partner with you to provide security and database recovery, to support your upgrades, migrations, and consolidations. Which means we will take on the heavy lifting of your database workloads, so you can focus on your customers. Our Services include:

  • Database Assessments
  • Database Monitoring and Management
  • Database Maintenance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
  • Consulting Services
  • 24/7 Database Support
  • Security Services
  • Proactive Maintenance and support
  • Strict Response Time and Service Level Agreements

    Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BCRS)

    A proactive approach to data protection

    Utilizing the latest technologies, BlueStream provides the solutions you need for an end-to-end resiliency strategy. With your business model, locations, and requirements in mind, our services cover all stages: from a business continuity plan to a tailored data protection, availability or disaster recovery solution that aligns with your unique business requirements. 


    • Analyze the impact of business disruption, the cost of downtime, and address any gaps. 
    • Assess how you can support your business and IT processes if case of an unexpected disruptive events. 
    • Support the resiliency of your applications through data replication and IT recovery. 
    • Ability to plan, design, implement and manage a business resilience solution that meets your organization’s needs. 


    • Proactively identify, understand, and manage operational risks. 
    • Maintain near continuous business operations. 
    • Protect your brand and reputation and maintain customer and partner relationships, positioning you for growth. 
    • Remain a trusted provider to your customers, suppliers, and your business community.