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Web Application Modernization

Web App Modernization in general, means moving your legacy web applications to the modern cloud. But why you should do it and what does I entail?

Why? Think of it as the equivalent of renovating an older home to take advantage of improvements on efficiency, safety and structural stability. Similarly, the decision to modernize your legacy apps will enable your organization to refresh its software portfolio in order to take advantage of the latest infrastructure, tools, languages and other capabilities. The right application modernization strategy can reduce the resources needed to run an app, create a reliable deployment process while improving uptime. In a few words, application modernization is part of every company’s digital transformation plan.

How? First you will need to develop a long-term modernization strategy and break the process to pieces in order to implement in stages. In each stage, do a detailed assessment of the applications you wish to modernize:

  1. Evaluate their technical characteristics
  2. See if they are suitable to migrate to the Cloud
  3. The cost and ROI of the modernization
  4. How it would affect other workloads