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Knowing what hardware and software assets are deployed Integrated Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping and asset reporting enables you to always stay on top of what IT assets are deployed and how they are connected.

  • Maintaining availability 24/7 monitoring of every network element, with real-time alerts to help you identify issues before they cause problems for end-users.
  • Ensuring security and compliance Firewalls and other security technologies are essentially network applications; they’re only effective if they’re working. WhatsUp Gold lets you know if there are problems with the availability and performance of IP-based perimeter security devices.
  • Being able to identify and resolve issues – quickly, easily, and intuitively WhatsUp Gold is built with the end-user in mind, providing an easy-to-use web application and drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Capturing and analyzing network data to identify trends and share information WhatsUp Gold ships with more than 100 customizable reports that can be easily generated, locally or remotely.