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Case Study DEDA


The customer

DEDA was established in 2017 and is a subsidiary of the Public Gas Company (DEPA). DEDA owns, develops, operates, and supports the natural gas distribution networks of Greece, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply. With a Development plan that includes the expansion of natural gas networks in 39 cities throughout Greece and the construction of 1,880 km of network in more than 50,000 connections, DEDA is a modern and dynamic company with needs that are constantly evolving.


The Challenge

DEDA was facing difficulties on increasing operational efficiency by the limited capabilities offered by their on-premises infrastructure and at the same time, they wanted to avoid the huge costs that came with the one-off renewal of all relevant hardware. Also, their aim was to change their strategy by transferring overall investment and operating costs from a Capex model to an Opex one.


The Solution

Provided they offered a dynamic management environment and also kept the investment costs of the transition low, DEDA requested BlueStream to support the transfer of its workloads to Azure, the Microsoft Cloud platform.

The BlueStream Solutions’ Cloud Migration offering is designed to facilitate a fast transfer to Azure through an integrated strategy that allows its customers not just to move to the cloud but to transform to the cloud… meaning, to take full advantage of all those cloud-native technologies that will really renew their operations.


The Outcome

The transition to the Cloud is a technological and organizational change that requires very careful handling and coordination. With less than 12 hours down-time, BlueStream Solutions’ team was able to move all DEDA workloads to the Microsoft Cloud and ensure the immediate operation of the services offered, avoiding the usual pitfalls often experienced by large enterprises in migrating to the cloud.Taking advantage of the Azure capabilities, we achieved:

  • To deliver improved application resiliency through leveraging the Azure Cloud Platform.
  • To facilitate the operational self-sufficiency of our client by improving his organizational agility.
  • To enable the customer’s teams to focus on higher value work by leveraging many of the Azure managed infrastructure services.


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