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Founded in November 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, in Thessaloniki Northern Greece, BlueStream Solutions  covers and supports the whole Greek territory and under certain conditions offers services to Europe in general. Company aim is the development and implementation of services that possess the highest quality and devotion, in all major computing environments such as Windows, Linux, OS/400, AIX, ONTAP, etc.

BlueStream Solutions  understands that all businesses rely solely on the continuous availability of applications and their data. Based on  this assumption, our aim is to provide services and support that will ensure continuous, reliable and secure access to business data. This is achieved by a series of custom driven services provided either at the clients workplace  or remotely   and which are customized to the business needs and operating procedures of each customer. Furthermore, we offer consulting services for analysis and upgrading of existing infrastructure, purchasing new or refurbished  systems and solutions for outsourcing company sections or processes.


One of the biggest issues in todays complex IT environments, is cost reduction, in parallel with the need for new systems and new ways to operate and produce. All IT departments struggle to get the highest value from their money spend and in the same time trying to reduce operating costs.

BlueStream Solutions was formed by IT scientists, that have as their main priority to find, build and implement solutions and custom services that assure the highest degree of availability and utilization of IT resources. All that, achieved with the lowest possible expenses, offering a significant competitive advantage against the single dimensional solutions that are offered today.

BlueStream is offering solutions and services that range from cost reduction for purchasing hardware to operating a datacenter or multiple servers, through consolidation, virtualization and outsourcing scenarios.

Company experience and know how in different server and OS platforms, realization and implementation of very complex installations( from tens of physical to hundreds of virtual servers), and the continuous training of its people, operate as a guarantee for every current and future client. We reply with passion in every new challenge in the IT services area, respecting each customer individuality.

Our expertize lies mainly in the areas of Midrange and Intel based IBM servers(iSeries-pSeries-xSeries, Storage systems, Tape library systems, System printers and POS), in the Netapp filers and the HP product line ( servers, storage, SAN switches, libraries).



We support over 100 maintenance contracts, throughout Greece,
with strict SLA to six hours for recovery.



The daily operations of any modern business are supported by applications such as internal procurement, accounting and payment, customer relationship management (CRM), e-shops, and third-party products.

For your business to embrace the digital transformation that will take these applications to the next level, it is fundamental that you start modernizing and migrating your applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

BlueStream can help you take this next step. We can transfer you to the cloud and enable you to take advantage of the flexibility, the scalability and all the automated solutions it offers.

When you decide to migrate to the Cloud, BlueStream will provide you the best possible solution that will suit your needs and ensure a seamless experience and uninterrupted operation of your applications.

BLUESTREAM SOLUTIONS offers the following cloud services:

  • Configuration management
  • Automation / Dev-Ops
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Identity and access management
  • Security
  • Cloud monitoring services
  • Cost optimization
Let us be your Microsoft Azure Trusted Guide

Microsoft Azure can help you save time and money but managing your public cloud is both time and resources consuming. BlueStream can be your wing man in all things Azure. Either that be your initial migration assessment, or on a later stage, handling complicated monitoring or operational and optimization issues. Also, cloud migration can be more complicated than initially thought and may require specialized skill sets that only certified experts have.

Managed Solutions for Microsoft Azure is the answer for businesses that want to navigate their way to the cloud. We can help your business become more agile, secure, compliant, and operationally efficient while you focus on you core business. Let our certified engineers and architects manage your cloud while you manage your business.

We can help you build a comprehensive migration strategy and leverage all the benefits of the cloud without missing out on security or interrupting your operations. We monitor performance, offer you expert advice and support, and – with scalability and elasticity in mind- are always optimizing for cost and efficiency.

Maintenance and monitoring services

BlueStream Solutions  provides continuous support with maintenance contracts for all midrange and Intel platform servers, blades, storage systems, printers, tape libraries and POS, which include the following:

  1. Free labor and replacement parts.
  2. Flexible hours with cover up to 24x7x365.
  3. Fixed SLAs, depending on the contract, starting from 2 hours on site response.
  4. Existence of crucial spare parts to customer premises from the beginning of the contract.
  5. 24-hour proactive monitoring of any customer system.

Uninterrupted Operation and Business Continuity Services

The need for continuous operation of IT systems and  business processes at a 24×7 basis , in the current competitive environment, is  increasing constantly.

The protection of company processes and procedures by undesirable outages not only affects IT departments but every field of company operations.

BlueStream Solutions by examining the operation procedures of the company,  will propose the best and most economical solution , which will ensure  continuous operation by designing a comprehensive solution. This  will be performed either at the company premises or in a remote area that is equipped and prepared for this purpose, or even in a cloud environment.

Depending on the platform, Bluestream Solutions can propose and implement business continuity solutions at the software level (HA, Cluster), or at the hardware level (flash copy, snapshot, snap mirror).

Furthermore to avoid disastrous incidents, Bluestream Solutions, under a Disaster Recovery contract can have a system of equal capacity to the productive system of the client, ready for operation, which will be available to the customer premises directly in case of trouble. The same machine can be used to test new versions of operating systems and applications at the customer site.

Server Management & Outsourcing Services

Bluestream Solutions provides management services for datacenter – server – platform management, a pro active service that monitors 24 hours the computing resources of the company and reacts to problems as soon as they occur. The design of the service is such that it allows solving problems even before they were visible to users based on automated tools and methods. With the launch of the service Bluestream Solutions will record and make clear all methods of monitoring servers and coverage areas. Furthermore, analysis of performance and security issues may be added to the same service.

Also in the field of Outsourcing, of sections or all of the It department procedures of the company, BlueStream Solutions provides innovative solutions and services aiming at lower costs and upgraded level of services. This is achieved by using latest software tools that allow continuous monitoring – multiple parallel upgrades – problem solving of servers and systems.

Professional Services

Bluestream Solutions will provide services that last for the entire life of your systems on Midrange and Intel platforms.

  • The range of these professional services includes:
    the initial installations
    microcode upgrades
    upgrades of operating systems and licensed programs
    proper operation of systems through frequent health checks
    maintenance, expandability or even their final withdrawal

With the accumulated experience of decades in the field, we can guarantee high quality hardware and software services.




BLUESTREAM SOLUTIONS as a leading MSP, serves customers throughout their digital transformation journey, including consulting – planning – assessment – development – management and follow on support. Whereever you are in your digital transformation journey we possess the skills and expertise to transform your business for the better.




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